M&A / Transactions
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M&A / Transactions

Professional support – buy-side and sell-side

When buying or selling a renewable energy project, we contribute with our extensive expertise, a high level of market knowledge and a broad industry network to achieving an economically optimal result. Dauerkraft creates project-related added value either on the side of the seller or on the side of the buyer by handling the transaction process in its entirety or by taking over individual services on a selective basis.

Investor search and project sales

Together with the seller, we define the appropriate sales process for the specific situation (tender or selective approach), conduct the investor approach, evaluate the offers, negotiate the purchase price and the final terms as well as the project contracts.

Project search and purchase advice

On the buyer’s side, our main objectives are to minimise risks and comply with investment criteria. Also here, we support our client throughout the entire acquisition process and introduce new investment opportunities as required.

Transaction management

Whether selling or buying, Dauerkraft manages the entire transaction process including internal DD, Q&A, external advisors and negotiation of the project contracts – always with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome for our client.

Project evaluation

A project evaluation is more than a financial model. Dauerkraft can assess whether the project parameters are market standard and appropriate because we have the necessary experience and know the current market conditions at all times.

Due Diligence

Based on our internal DD, we can prepare an initial assessment of the project and identify possible weak points This reduces the risk of unnecessary expenses for any subsequent external DD (technical, legal, tax).